Review: Five Points

I’m not the biggest girl for celebrity recommendations, but when Aziz Ansari recs his favorite brunch place in NYC, that’s just a place you have to try. As such, my friends and I found ourselves at Five Points last week for a big Fourth of July brunch before other festivities.

The service was slow but in that lazy, leisurely way- the lets just sit and talk and drink and laugh kind of morning (case in point, our brunch lasted about 2.5 hours). To caveat, a lot of this may have had to do with the holiday, as the bar was definitely backed up with too many drink orders.

I had heard amazing things about the lemon ricotta pancakes but they sadly weren’t serving them. I ordered the chocolate french toast instead and it wasn’t my favorite- I may be too used to thick brioche french toast, and this was a thinner bread that got a bit too soggy. Aside from a few bites packed with cocoa, there wasn’t much chocolate taste either. I tried my friend’s huevo rancheros, however, and wow- absolutely delicious. As were the fries. Which means this place is definitely worth a second visit and soon.


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