Breakfast Rules



I was reading the editor’s note for the July issue of Travel + Leisure, and they were discussing the differences between restaurants in Slovenia and NYC (stick with me on this). She said Slovenia was a “place where you will not find cell phones arrayed on restaurant table ‘like interactive bread plates’- a reality of dining in New York. ” Such a nice turn of phrase to describe a constant problem.


One of my friends told me the other day that he and his roommate do “phone free breakfast.” They turn off both of their phones for about 2 hours, or however long breakfast takes. This sounds wonderful to me- I’m tired of everyone checking their phones every couple of seconds, not enjoying what they’re doing as they text/tweet/instagram/etc. I’m guilty of it too- but I’m ready to stop documenting the moment and just be in the moment. Can you imagine ever turning your phone off for a meal, or asking your friends to?

Would you do it?

 Image found on bkfst, originally from Hungry Ghost Food + Travel.


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