Review: Pounds & Ounces

I’ve been chanting the following three phrases like a poem for the past few weeks: red velvet pancakes, peanut butter waffles, nuttella french toast. red velvet pancakes, peanut butter waffles, nuttella french toast. 

What do these absolutely magical sounding words have to do with each other? They’re all served for brunch at Pounds & Ounces in Chelsea. I had a friend visiting for the weekend and instead of going for a place I knew, I couldn’t resist- we made our way to 8th ave last Saturday. They open at noon, and we were one of the first ones in the (very art deco looking) place.

We ordered the Red Velvet Pancakes and Peanut Butter Waffles to split in half, with a side of bacon for  her and a coffee for me. Even the coffee was great. The pancakes weren’t overwhelmingly sweet- but I also didn’t try to eat a whole order- and the waffle was crispy, just the way I like them.

Just try to stop thinking about Pounds & Ounces now.  red velvet pancakes, peanut butter waffles, nuttella french toast….


Coney Island

This post isn’t about breakfast or watercolor, but just a few photos from my weekend. I finally made it out to Coney Island, which has been on my city to-do list for over a year (since I moved here, really). It was slightly overcast but kind of perfect. We had lunch on the boardwalk from Nathan’s and walked in the surprisingly warm water. Its fun to think about what Coney Island used to be like and so hard to imagine that a shore like this is so close to the city.




I’m hoping to paint something from the day – which is the exact reason why I started this blog and want to get better- so there is that I suppose. Have you ever been to Coney Island?

Brunch With Us

I got an email yesterday from Daily Candy about Brunch With Us– sponsored content for Kahlua but created by Thrillist and Daily Candy. Brunch With Us basically works as a handy brunch recommendation tool.

I was a bit wary at first, since you can select by gender (email copy says “Girl’s stomach growls for dainty bites, ambience, and dressing on the side. Boy craves piles of friends eats fast.” Um..) but I played around with it and it gave me a lot of different recommendations based off neighborhood and scene. It even gives post-brunch plans geared towards each spot.

It has suggestions for San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. I think I might give it a try in a few weekends- in a city like New York, it never hurts to have a little help narrowing down your options.


Weekend Updates

This past weekend was pretty peaceful- after being out of the city for two weekends in a row, it was nice to decompress with slow mornings and hot chocolate.  I did get a bit of activity:  the Central Park Zoo! This has been on my NYC to-do list for ages. I got caught up in the Puerto Rican pride parade up on the east side, but once in the zoo, you couldn’t hear a thing. It was easy to forget I was even in Manhattan.

Saturday breakfast

This polar bear would swim from one side of the enclosure to the other, only to climb up on a rock and push himself backwards to the other side. Then do it again.

Where The Wilds Things Are. A nice surprise on the stairs- the zoo is full of literary quotes.


How was your weekend?