Review: Pounds & Ounces

I’ve been chanting the following three phrases like a poem for the past few weeks: red velvet pancakes, peanut butter waffles, nuttella french toast. red velvet pancakes, peanut butter waffles, nuttella french toast. 

What do these absolutely magical sounding words have to do with each other? They’re all served for brunch at Pounds & Ounces in Chelsea. I had a friend visiting for the weekend and instead of going for a place I knew, I couldn’t resist- we made our way to 8th ave last Saturday. They open at noon, and we were one of the first ones in the (very art deco looking) place.

We ordered the Red Velvet Pancakes and Peanut Butter Waffles to split in half, with a side of bacon for  her and a coffee for me. Even the coffee was great. The pancakes weren’t overwhelmingly sweet- but I also didn’t try to eat a whole order- and the waffle was crispy, just the way I like them.

Just try to stop thinking about Pounds & Ounces now.  red velvet pancakes, peanut butter waffles, nuttella french toast….


Review: Five Points

I’m not the biggest girl for celebrity recommendations, but when Aziz Ansari recs his favorite brunch place in NYC, that’s just a place you have to try. As such, my friends and I found ourselves at Five Points last week for a big Fourth of July brunch before other festivities.

The service was slow but in that lazy, leisurely way- the lets just sit and talk and drink and laugh kind of morning (case in point, our brunch lasted about 2.5 hours). To caveat, a lot of this may have had to do with the holiday, as the bar was definitely backed up with too many drink orders.

I had heard amazing things about the lemon ricotta pancakes but they sadly weren’t serving them. I ordered the chocolate french toast instead and it wasn’t my favorite- I may be too used to thick brioche french toast, and this was a thinner bread that got a bit too soggy. Aside from a few bites packed with cocoa, there wasn’t much chocolate taste either. I tried my friend’s huevo rancheros, however, and wow- absolutely delicious. As were the fries. Which means this place is definitely worth a second visit and soon.

Review: Jack’s Wife Freda

I’ve been seeing a lot of praise for Jack’s Wife Freda lately and couldn’t wait try it this past weekend.

The owners met while working at Balthazar so they say the inside has a similar vibe; I never actually made it indoors (too nice out!) We ate at the little tables outside, just enough sun and a great breeze.  I ordered the rosewater waffle with Lebanese yogurt and honey syrup. I didn’t really  know what to expect flavorwise- the honey syrup was thin but delicious, the yogurt tangy but not as thick as Greek yogurt- but everything just fit together.

The food is cheap, but one thing I saw on Yelp reviews and in real life is that the service is a bit slow. Make sure you’re not in a hurry for your check and clear your morning before you go.

Clinton Street Baking Co

I had family in the city this weekend (while I was unfortunately out of the city!), which meant I got to recommend them my favorite brunch places. I stand by Clinton Street Baking Co as the best pancakes in Manhattan, not that I’ll find many who disagree. Literally, I’ve been pulling out my phone and showing the below photo to friends like it was a snapshot of my kid. Chocolate pancakes with melted maple butter, because- like I was going to try anything but the chocolate chunk.

The wait for Clinton Street Baking Co is ridiculous- we showed up at 10am the last time I went and still had to wait 1.5 hours- but its totally worth it. Put your name in and take a walk down to the waterfront park.

Just look at that powdered sugar. Worth it.

Cornelia Street Cafe

This past weekend, I went to brunch on a Saturday for the first time in a while. Cornelia Street Cafe is located in the West Village, and their fixed price brunch menu is amazing- your choice of juice/alcoholic drink, coffee or tea, some kind of bread, and entree for $20. My highlight was definitely the chocolate bread; its the fluffiest bread, still warm, with bits of melted chocolate folded in. Delicious.

We got there around 11am, and there wasn’t a wait. We were able to sit in front of the floor to ceiling open windows, and the place has such a relaxed atmosphere. I’ll be going back.

A few pictures from the rest of my Saturday: my mint green sneakers and the view from my rooftop