Sugar & Spice

The heat in NY has been unreal the past two days. This humidity is cutting my patience like never before, which is then making me a bit too frustrated about little things I should never be angry about. So this is a reminder to me and anyone else who may need it this week: be sweet.


Simple Watercolor Paintings

Sometimes simple is hard. A lot of times is simple is harder.

PAPERFASHION painted a group of food items in watercolor, in a few brushstrokes. I came across them on Pinterest, naturally, and they’re charming. See the full collection here and a few of my favorites below.

Too cute, right?


There are things that I wanted to post this week but just haven’t had a chance. Work has been a bit hectic, and combined with the crazy NY heatwave,  my body has had enough of computer screens. There’s always next week — and a watermelon slice instead.

I’m thinking of hitting the beach this weekend (ie. mission stay cool at all costs). Happy weekend.


Happy weekend!

Part of the purpose of this blog is to get me to paint more, to share it more, to just grab a paintbrush and do more (I’m leaning on the idea of public pressure). I want to get better so its practice practice etc- and finally the first post: a few happy honey bees for the weekend.